Professional 12" Roll Laminator

The "Professional" 12” Roll Laminator produces a superb finish and edge seal. It is capable of speeds up to 16 feet per minute. It can use films from1.5 mil to 10 mils thick and will laminate materials, such as foam board to 1/4" thick. Warm up time is about four minutes. This is truly a professional machine in every aspect.


Handles films up to 12" wide

Four minute warm up time 

Laminates 1.5 to 10 Mil / One Side or Two

Lightening Quick, Sustainable Thermal Response

Variable Speed Control, Reversible

Laminates/Mounts To 1/4 " Thick

12"diameter film roll capacity

Digital Temperature Read Out

Cooling fans, one set standard

Ultra Duty welded steel stand standard

Micro adjustable slitter assembly

Stand is included along with 3" roll mandrel

Our micro-adjustable slitters offer the most accurate cut and highest quality finish available.

The unique blade angle adjustment allows for a perfect edge cut without curl with the slitting process taking place over the cooling fans. This cools the blade preventing build-up of adhesive on the blade.

This system allows for a minimum cut as narrow as 3".
Additional slitting heads can be added for slitting multiple pages side by side.

The Professional 12” Roll Laminator features a digital display and a solid-state temperature control.

Temperature sensor that is located just below the surface of our laminating rollers is accurate to within 1° on the digital temperature display. 

Analog input controls for our digital temperature control interface and provides even casual operators a certain "feel" that is often associated with their stove at home.

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Item No.DescriptionUnit
2203THERMROLLEQProfessional 12" Roll Laminator Each