Laminating Supplies - Mounting Adhesive

Mounting adhesives are used to add a durable and permanent adhesive layer to media such as large-format prints, inkjet posters or heavy plain paper prints allowing the media to be placed on various surfaces and substrates. At PBS, we serve all your lamination needs.

Pressure Sensitive (Cold) Mounting Adhesive

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives will meet any application requirement when mounting prints to a variety of substrates. These adhesives offer superior adhesion in several different formulations to meet your specific mounting requirements. 

Standard Mounting Adhesive

Standard Thermal Mounting Adhesive provides professional quality mounting for delicate artwork, original photos and digital prints. The rolls consist of a thin sheet of paper coated on both sides with a heat activated adhesive. Our mounting adhesives cont  More

Specialty Mounting Adhesive

Specialty Thermal Mounting Adhesive will meet a wide variety of applications requirements when mounting prints to a variety of substrates less porous substrates. 

Dry Mounting Adhesive

Dry Mounting Tissue is a porous, breathable tissue that has been embedded with a heat-activated adhesive on both sides. It is ideally suited for mounting on watercolour papers, inkjet papers, silk, polyester, foam core, foam board, and gator board. S  More