Laminating, Trimming & Mounting Equipment - Pouch Laminating Equipment

PBS offers a comprehensive selection of laminators, trimmers and mounting equipment for the corporate and commercial print finishing needs.

Economy Pouch Laminator

The “Economy”Pouch Laminator is the ultimate pouch laminator for commercial use. Heated rollers provide scratch and bubble free output even on difficult to laminate digital color output. It offers digital operation with an LED display and set   More

Professional Finish Pouch Laminator

The “Professional Finish”Pouch Laminator is a heated roller pouch laminator designed for crystal clear lamination on difficult to laminate prints such as photographs, color copies and inkjet prints. 

Rapid Feed Pouch Laminator

The Rapid Feed Laminator is the fastest pouch laminator available, it will laminate up to 12' per minute. That allows you to run a letter sized pouch every 5 seconds.